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Cop 27 Egypt

‘Connect the Unconnected’ - speaker

27th edition of Cop, November, 2022

The panel discussed the general question of the responsibility of consumers towards sustainable fashion and highlighted best practices in changing the ways that the industry works towards achieving more sustainable approaches.

I spoke about the role of educators, and especially how we at Istituto Marangoni have implemented sustainability, responsible design, and digital innovation within our curricula, thus helping to create a new generation of responsible designers and entrepreneurs and how through our teaching are helping lessen the impact our industry has on the environment.

As we enter the Symbiocene era, community and collaboration are more important than ever to create a new generation of responsible, inclusive designers, who can help make a positive change.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”​​

Panelist included:

  • Maria Buccellati, CEO Faith Connexion

  • Laura Hache, COO Faith Connexion

  • Mohamed Talaat Khalifa, the Vice Chairman & CEO of Concrete,

  • Rawya Mansour,  founder and chairperson of Ramsco Foundation, Environmental Activist & Women’s Rights Activist​​

  • Rana Khamis, Sustainability and Civic Partnerships Program Manager at the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative

  • Mona El Gazzar, Founder of Zola Consulting & Retail Academy and Former Head
    of Softlines at Amazon.

South African Fashion Week 

‘How to put a collection together for retail’- industry expert and co-speaker

SAFW SS23, Johannesburg, 23rd October, 2022

Workshop and seminar held during the ‘Fashion Focus’ SAFW Trade Show for local designers. Post seminar consisted of individual sessions with the designers reviewing their collections and providing guidance and feedback on how to create a responsible and sustainable retail-ready collection.

‘How to create a cohesive, retail-ready fashion collection’ - industry expert and co-speaker

Webinar, SAFW SS23, 6th September, 2022

Webinar discussing how through responsible design, range planning, and brand identity you can create a collection that is retail-ready, recognising and understanding how fashion organizations manage product design and development, supply chain and manufacturing processes, as well as distribution and retailing. An insight into the pyramid of the offer and how this can help in the key stages of developing a collection for a specific target market within a defined budget, for different retailers across international markets.

Italian Design Day

‘The Italian Way: Sustainability and Circular Economy’ - moderator

5th edition of the Italian Design Day, July, 2021

The virtual meeting, opened by Ambassador to the U.S Mariangela Zappia,  focused on sustainability, the circular economy, and environmental protection.

Panelist included:

  • Stefano Boeri, Architect & Urban Planner and President of the Triennale Milano

  • Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator of the Department of Architecture & Design of the R&D museum of Modern Art (MoMa), New York Cit

  • Marva Griffin, Founder, and curator of SaloneSatellite, Milano

  • Carlo Capasa, President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion

‘The Italian Way: Creativity, Craftsmanship and Innovation' - panelist

4th edition of the Italian Design Day, November, 2020

The virtual meeting, opened by The Italian Consul General to Miami, Cristiano Musillo, celebrated Italian design and its creativity through development, innovation, and sustainability and its potential in cultural and economic fields.

I spoke about innovation in Design and Fashion

Panelist included:

  • Alba Cappellieri, Professor at the Politecnico di Milano, Director of the International Master in Fashion Accessories Design and the Master on Brand and Product Management at the Milano Fashion Institute

  • Silvia Barisione, Chief Curator from the FIU Wolfsonian Museum, Miami

  • Giovanna Talocci (Roma), Designer and former Vice President of the Association for Industrial Design.

Latin American Fashion Summit

'Rethinking Reality: Fashion’s New Frontier'

4th edition of LAFS, Miami, March, 2022

Keynote talk for the LAFS Summit, presenting how technologies and digitalization has turned LATAM into a region that has more to offer than the global fashion industry has acknowledged, its growing new digital consumer base and an overview of new developments and realities that we are facing in fashion and what new trends will be emerging.

'The State of Fashion: Retail Overview 2020'

3rd edition of LAFS, October, 2020


Keynote talk for the LAFS Virtual Summit, where I presented a 2020 Retail overview, giving an in-depth analysis of the current state of the fashion industry, to understand the present and future of our industry and the impact of Covid-19.

'The State of Fashion: Retail Overview 2019'

2nd edition of LAFS, November, 2019

Keynote talk for the LAFS about retail focusing on emerging trends, markets, and a general overview of the sector in 2019

'Transforming Fashion: Future Fashion Panorama'

1st edition of LAFS, November, 2018

Overview of the changes and new technologies within the Fashion industry


'Disruptive Marketing' - moderator

1st edition of LAFS, November, 2018

Panelists included: 

  • Mario Rodriguez Graniel, Director of Client Relationship for Prada & Miu Miu; 

  • Lisa Pomerantz founder of LFP Collective;

  • Donatella Minelli Yirmiyahu Luxury consultant and brand strategists

Luxury Law Summit

‘A Tale of a City: Miami Transformed, Designing Luxury' - moderator

The Luxury Law Summit, December 2020


Panelists included:

  • Eva Hughes, CEO & Founder of Adira consulting, former CEO of Condé Nast Mexico and Latin America,

  • Craig Robins, CEO of Dacra Development and co-founder of Miami Design District,

  • Liam Stefanov International Sales Executive at Fortune International Group

Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks

'Fashion is Art, Sustainability & Design' - moderator

3rd Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks: NYFW, September 2020

Panelists included:

  • Oskar Metsavaht- Founder & Creative Director of Osklen, Founder & President of Instituto-E, 

  • Sofia Tchkonia- Founder & Creative Director of Mercedes - Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi,

  • Marina Testino- Creative Director, Artivist & Founder at Point Off View,

  • Mara Hoffman - Founder and Creative Director of Mara Hoffman Brand

Expressions at MDD

'Expressions Talk Series' - co-curator & moderator

Miami Design District launched 2018

Co-curate with the Miami Design District an annual program of cultural expressions for a two-day series of conversations that brings together an array of luxury brands.


The panels are dedicated to innovative fashion, design, art, and architecture and are led by local and international influencers and industry professionals including:

Thom Browne, Prada, ICA Miami, Barbara Hulanicki, Fendi, Ocean Drive Magazine, Camilo Rios, Callyann Barnett

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