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À-Propos is a platform created by Massimo Casagrande and Sennait Ghebreab, with the aim to nurture, promote and introduce a curated selection of emerging fashion brands to an international retail market, with a focus predominantly on Southern Africa.

Through guidance and mentorship by our team and network of key industry players and collaboration with South Africa Fashion Week, À-Propos helps brands to create a product that is unique, and develop a signature style aligned with the continuously evolving retail environment and the new consumer-focused on responsible business and digital.

They are the perfect match for being a talent with a glocal essence.

À-Propos will be debuting in September 2023 during the Milan Fashion Week for the 10th edition of “AFRO FASHION WEEK MILAN” and has been invited to be part of the ¡GloLoCo! exhibition that will take place at Palazzo Morando.

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